IMPERIAL Toyota Nelspruit Goes to School

Monday, 17th October 2011

IMPERIAL Toyota Nelspruit was approached by Mr Mabilu of Kennen Primary School with a request to plant trees in order to beautify the school, and to be given the opportunity to teach the students about trees, water and the environment.  As a dealership, IMPERIAL Toyota Nelspruit is very proud of its environmental achievements to date, and strives to educate the children within the community about the importance of recycling, looking after our water resources, and caring for the environment as a whole.  One of the ways in which they do that, is to plant trees at schools and in the process teach the children a few of the fundamentals about the environment.  Starting with water, the water cycle, and trees and how they impact on our environment assisting in cleaning our air, forming habitats for wild animals, providing shade and at the same time, looking beautiful!

This is done in a creative way with the children acting out stages of the water cycle, from clapping hands and feet to simulate thunder and lightning, to stretching their arms out and waving to simulate fully grown trees waving in the wind.  The children have a lot of fun acting out their roles, and at the same time, they learn about how things work in the natural world, a real achievement indeed!

Kennen Primary School is a beautiful school already, with well-structured agendas, dedicated teachers and eager pupils.  Mr Mabilu has a lot to be proud of and he and his team of teachers, helpers and cooks should be commended on  their achievements to date.

IMPERIAL Toyota Nelspruit is proud to have assisted in improving their school in some small way and looks forward to watching the trees grow alongside the students of Kennen Primary School!


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